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Fast closing or the way to go “straight to the point”

In the wake of new financial regulations, limited outstanding credits and balances, the European world of finance has known deep changes and had to reconsider the role of banks. These evolutions of financing capacity for real economy and cashflow needs of corporations lead these latter to financial markets. Indeeds, CFOs have at their disposal many financing tools such as securitization, bond issues and fund risings. Yet, to finance themselves on markets, they need to improve the transparency of their financial statements and their financial communication aimed at investors and analysts.

In this situation, the ability to use “fast closing”, to produce accounts very fast with high quality standards becomes a strategic asset. Well aware of these changes and of new financial communication needs, Akeance consulting has developed proven skills in supporting companies to settle “fast closing” processes. Our Belgium teams already have strong experiences to guide you during the three critical steps of your project, which are:

  • the due diligence, in order to understand your organization, your financial processes and the IT tools used for accounts closing,
  • the conception of the right strategy and its planning, which details all actions to carry in order to speed up and secure the reporting,
  • the implementation of the project.

A shorter account’s closure cycle supported by faster reporting will benefit to all your organization and will bring to:

  • better financial communications and credibility for the company and its investor,
  • decrease of audit costs and a better reliability to financial data,
  • an improved trust during the certification of financial statements,
  • an ease to access financial data and dashboard which lead to a better management of the activities,
  • opportunities to pursue other strategic objectives and to develop high potential values activities.

For instance, one of our clients, in Belgium, has reduced its closure delay from D+40 to D+10 in three months.
With many years of experiences, consultants of Akeance Belgium are immediately operational to answer to your needs and bring simple and practical solutions in line with your specificities. Moreover, fast, simple and trustworthy are the key elements of every fast closing project as well as the values that made the success of Akeance Consulting

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