An independent strategy consulting firm…

Created in August 2004, Akeance Consulting is an independent strategy, organization and management consulting firm. Akeance Consulting operates from its offices located in Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg and Geneva.

Akeance Consulting was founded on a common will : to offer consulting services in order to turn the company strategy into operational actions. Our advisory offer is neutral and independent from any other services (IT, accounting, account certification, etc.).

… that assists you with your transformation projects

We serve our customers in the financial services (banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, finance companies), real estate sector (property developers, asset managers, REIT, corporate real estate departments), and industry and services, in their large transformation projects, in their upstream strategic studies (productivity studies, outsourcing studies, software selection, etc.) and in their downstream projects (ERP implementation and deployment, organization revamping, operational integration of entities following a merger, etc.).

Our motto:

  • Keep it simple: to enable companies to generate the expected gains and to reach the assigned strategic objectives in the easiest way possible,
  • Keep it fast: to focus on action and implementation,
  • Be trusted, as part as our full transparency corporate culture “I do what I say and I say what I do”

Our fields of expertise

We support our customers on a broad range of topics:

  • Opportunities assessment as part of mergers and acquisitions,
  • Productivity studies,
  • Due diligence, audit and master plan definition,
  • Organization and process optimization,
  • Operational performance improvement,
  • Business and support functions transformation project management,
  • Financial management,
  • Risk management,
  • IT function assessment (governance, operational excellence, extended enterprise, etc.),
  • Delegated project management (program and project portfolio management),
  • Requirement analysis and support on software selection and implementation (business , decision making, business intelligence etc.),
  • Change management.

Les consultants

Frank Privat
Partner, Industry, Services & Retail, Paris - Brussels
+32 (0) 471 82 69 80

Antoine Hirschland
+32 (0) 479 67 24 09

Laurent Moies
+32 (0)4 79 67 24 21